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Every household is unique and everybody has individual requirements for their kitchen remodeling project. A consideration is how much the remodel will enhance your homes value.
Many clients have contacted
a real estate professional
about their estimate on the increase in home value once their kitchen and other rooms are remodeled. Many have been surprised!

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We have helped many people to remodel all areas of their homes.Basement remodeling is almost the last room thought about, we always recommend consulting with a water and pipe specialist due to the proximity of the under ground room to the  piping and sewer system. This room can be used for a variety of entertainment purposes.

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We have extensive bathroom remodeling contractor experience, having refinished thousands of bathrooms. Bathroom make overs come with there share of cautions about your plumbing Orlando, in fact we require a blue print of all piping before we ever begin the project. Our customers like that we measure twice before cutting in our preparation.

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5 stars

“I have a family vacation condo in Orlando. My mom and sister were using it when the ice-maker line broke and water poured all over the floor. Orlando Renovation was out that day and not only fixed the water line and put the door back on but fixed a leaky faucet while there. Everyone was very cordial and it surprised me how reasonable the price was. I have their number right on the refrigerator now.”

Jeanette Hawthorne
5 stars

“We have used this remodeling company for a number of years and for many kinds of problems.
They have always been on time and have fulfilled their obligations with a professional job”

Daniel Golden
5 stars

“Honest and committed workers, who never took shortcuts while doing our job.They were  always on time and extended their schedule on the job just because they wanted to ensure quality above all else. They got the job done and by far exceeded our expectations.”

Luci Green