Factors determining dumpster rentals

Factors determine dumpster rental

Several crucial factors determine dumpster rental prices some of which include the kind of waste, the total time period the dumpster is used and its size. On the basis of the location and terms and condition of rental companies, a 20-yard dumpster for rent would cost around 400 – 600 dollars. In order to encourage customers to smartly manage their garbage, there are certain companies that offer seven-day flat fees. If you need the dumpster for more time than the specified period of time, you will be charged additionally.

Dumpsters of varying sizes are available and this ranges from as small as 3 yards to as big as 40 yards. While the latter is perfect for industrial purposes, the former is meant for small scale waste disposal. There is also a dumpster that measures 20-cubic yards and this can comfortably accommodate about six tons of waste.

Depending upon the amount of trash you’d like to get rid of, the location and waste type, there are several dumpster types one can choose from. Some of the most commonly used dumpster types are – Front Load, Rear Load, Roll Off, Forklift and Baby Dumpsters.

Dumpster rentals happen to be the perfect option in the case of construction sites as it is not possible to dispose all that waste by traditional means. Wastes such as asbestos are quite hazardous and so are other heavy construction materials, all of which are to be dealt in a specified manner.

Once the size and waste type is specified by the client, the dumpster gets delivered to the particular construction site. It is the responsibility of the dumpster rental company to pick up the dumpster once the process is all done. Items that make recycling possible are taken to specified places, while the rest is dumped as per the local rules and regulations.